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The Project
  • “Help Me To Stay” brings to life the internal world of the artist, whose roots are in Messina, Sicily, but whose musical career as the protagonist of some of Italy’s most successful and popular international musicals, including Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar, has taken her on tour around the globe.
  • Cinquemani lives now in East London and like many 21st century citizens of the world, Donna Olivia’s new single tells of the conflicts of the displaced soul, both seeking and repelling its origins. “Help Me To Stay” is both the song and story of a passionate rebel spirit; the collision and culmination of life experiences, accompanied by a cinematic video shot in the surreal surroundings of the Argimusco and Fuimara d’Arte in the magical, mysterious depths of Sicily, the artist’s homeland. .
Donna Olivia

Donna Olivia (aka Olivia Cinquemani) is an Italian Singer based in east London.

Born in Sicily, she combines ethic music with up-to-date electronic textures.

With an international music career spanning over 10 years, artist Olivia Cinquemani brings us her new incarnation: Donna Olivia, together with a new spirit of music, captured in her upcoming single “Help Me To Stay”.

Donna Olivia is a new skin for artist Cinquemani to live in, and a musical evolution. Cinquemani has been actively involved in various international artistic collaborations since 2002, including Jesus From Ibiza (JFI), an English-language production with Marco Morano and Valerio Vicentini, shown internationally. London has been home since 2005, and her work with the JFI project has had radio play (XFM and House FM) and a front cover of DJ Magazine, distributed in the UK with a remix album by the band. A successful tour of North Mexico and Texas with JFI followed. Cinquemani collaborated on Zongaje with Nello Mastroeni, for WOMAD. She also wrote most of the English-language album for Malese Ning Baizura. The album was produced in London, and distributed and promoted in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong: the single ‘Age of Pollution’ was shown on Channel V, Asia’s most influential music television channel.

For the past few years, while living in East London, Cinquemani began a new artistic direction, tying together a trinity of threads in her artistic life; the first evolving out of her performing background in musical theatre, followed by her electronic and rock music, as well as gathering together different life experiences and drawing on her roots in Sicily and its powerful music and linguistic tradition. The first single, ‘Duma’, produced by Marco Morano and arranged by Morano and Angelo Lui, features a collaboration with the Iranian violinist and singer Reza Safeyari, with Farsi vocals and rhythms typical of the Middle East, creating the semblance of a world far away from Sicily, yet, within the song, forming a duet together.

Donna Olivia is a new voice, face and style of music: representing the life of the artist Olivia Cinquemani. Donna Olivia is a performing artist, she fuses theatricality with a music that combines tradition with innovation. The conflicts and passions of this modern muse are played out in the video to the new single “Help Me to Stay” which is partly set in the spectacular art-scape of the Fuimara d’Arte. This astonishing setting is the creation of Antonio Presti, who created a democratic sculpture park after the death of his father, merging the modern with the ancient Sicilian landscape; its historical troubles transfigured into an accessible place devoted to art and beauty. Donna Olivia mirrors Presti’s vision, with a narrative video that elides ethnic and electronic music, draws on conflicting parts of our psyche and invites us to follow her through a tale that tunnels through time and place. You are invited to accompany Donna Olivia on this modern musical odyssey. Expect the unexpected – flash live performances and secret gigs happening in East London soon. To be a part of it follow her here